8th Grade Social Studies - Test 2

The following test has 8 questions.

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1. Which river in Georgia rises high in the Blue Ridge Mountains and flows southwesterly toward the Alabama state line?
  a. Savannah River
  b. Chattahoochee River
  c. Tugaloo River
  d. Altamaha River

2. Which Spanish explorer was the first European documented to have discovered the Mississippi River?
  a. Christopher Columbus
  b. Amerigo Vespucci
  c. Hernando deSoto
  d. Ferdinand Magellan

3. Georgia's relative location is described as
  a. Southeastern United States and east of Alabama.
  b. Southwestern United States and in the Western Hemisphere.
  c. Eastern Hemisphere and south of Florida.
  d. Southeastern United States and west of Alabama.

4. At the Battle of Kettle Creek, during the American Revolutionary War, which African American soldier helped lead a victorious charge against the British and was wounded in the battle?
  a. Elijah Clark
  b. Button Gwinnett
  c. Austin Dabney
  d. Lyman Hall

5. Which of the following ports is NOT operated by the Georgia Ports Authority?
  a. Port of Savannah
  b. Port of Atlanta
  c. Port of Brunswick
  d. Port Bainbridge

6. Who was granted the Charter of 1732 and founded the colony of Georgia?
  a. Hernando deSoto
  b. Christopher Columbus
  c. Juan Ponce de Leon
  d. James Oglethorpe

7. The Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians in Georgia form a broad arc between
  a. Piedmont and the Appalachian Plateau.
  b. the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Plateau.
  c. the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Coastal Plains.
  d. the Coastal Plains and the Appalachian Plateau.

8. Which of the following Native American tribes lost control of the northern third of the Georgia to the Cherokee, and lost the rest of it's land to white Georgians?
  a. Cayuga
  b. Creek
  c. Shawnee
  d. Iroquois

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