8th Grade Science Test

The following test has 8 questions.

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Mary has two blocks. She wants to compare the mass and the volume of both, so she places them in identical buckets filled with the same volume of water. Each block sinks slowly, and the picture above shows them as they are about to sink. She measures the change in water level with rulers.

Refer to the text and picture above to answer questions 1 through 3.

Mary infers that block A has more mass. Why might she be mistaken?
  a. Block A might have less density than water.
  b. Mary must first determine the length of block B.
  c. An object`s mass can be determined only if its density is known.
  d. The difference in water levels may be the result of different volumes.

2. If block B sinks to the bottom of its bucket and block A does not, which of the following must be TRUE?
  a. Block B has greater density and block A has greater mass.
  b. Block B has greater volume and block A has greater mass.
  c. Block B has greater density and block A has greater volume.
  d. Block B has greater volume and block A has greater density.

3. Mary's friend observes the investigation and claims that block B has more mass. If there were no errors in the investigation, which of the following must be TRUE for this claim to be correct?
  a. Block B must be larger than block A.
  b. Block B must be longer than block A.
  c. Block B must have more volume than block A.
  d. Block B must have greater density than block A.

4. Ali is using a thermometer to determine the temperature of water in a pond in Michigan. Which of the following is MOST LIKELY a measure of the pond's temperature during the late summer?
  a. 0oC
  b. 5oC
  c. 25oC
  d. 75oC

5. Ramon's mother gives him an ice cream cone after dinner. When he goes outside to eat it, the ice cream begins to melt very quickly. Which of the following describes what is happening to his ice cream?

  a. A physical change is taking place.
  b. A chemical change is taking place.
  c. A change in solubility is taking place.
  d. A change in conductivity is taking place.

6. Mixtures are very different from compounds. Mixtures can be physically separated into different components and compounds cannot be physically separated. Which of the following is NOT a mixture?
  a. air
  b. soil
  c. sugar
  d. saltwater

7. Chad and Gretchen brought a video game system. They brought it home and plugged it in, but it does not work. Chad's mother thinks she can fix the problem. What should she do first to make sure she does NOT get shocked?
  a. test the circuits in the system
  b. unplug the system from the wall
  c. disconnect the ground wire
  d. make sure the system is plugged into a socket

8. Paul's science teacher once told him that "What goes up must come down." What force causes objects that go up to come back down?
  a. Earth`s orbit of the sun
  b. Earth`s frictional surface
  c. Earth`s gravitational pull
  d. Earth`s magnetic attraction

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